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E-Cigarettes: New Trend Of Smoking To Feel More Pleasant



E-cigarettes are small hand-held devices that are, in simple words, a substitute for the actual cigarettes. They are hand held electronic gadgets which are used as cigarettes to satisfy the habit of smoking of the smokers. It contains a liquid which is a mixture of certain chemicals that produce vapours and give an exact experience of smoking a cigarette. Though, not an actual cigarette, it has all the characteristics of an actual cigarette.The e-cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco. Yes, unlike the actual cigarettes, tobacco is absent in the electronic cigarette.

History of e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are basically the alternatives of am actual cigarette. But, these e-cigarettes also satisfy the smoking habit in the very same way as an actual cigarette.

The e-cigarette was originally invented in China. The credit of this invention goes to a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. China is popular as the production hub of e-cigarettes. Since their introduction in the market, their production and sales have raised dramatically all across the world. The major user counts of e-cigarettes are found in US and UK. Both these countries have a large percentage of chain smokers and hence these e-cigarettes have a wide market there. Also, e-cigarettes are more in usage because of their cheap pricing as compared to the actual cigarettes.

The liquid inside the structure of an e-cigarette is a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine and flavourings. It also contains aerosol that is heated to produce vapours that is inhaled by its user. The act of doing this is commonly referred to as vaping.

Every coin has two sides-the good and the bad

Since every thing has its merits as well as demerits, so is the vase with e-cigarettes as well. So smokers, be happy that these e-cigarettes have advantages but non-smokers, beware because it has disadvantages too.

Yes many reports have claimed that using an e-cigarette may take you away from consuming the actual cigarettes. In other words, it may help you to quit smoking. Another benefit is that it is odour-free, saving your life from getting caught by your loved ones for smoking! It is also said that vaping is healthier than actual smoking. Not only are these, e-cigarettes more in trend because they are at a cheaper rate than the actual tobacco cigarettes.

Now coming to the dark side of using these e-cigarettes. A non-smoker, if uses this product, may start consuming actual tobacco cigarettes and may become a chain smoker. This is the biggest disadvantage of using an e-cigarette. It contains nicotine which will develop a habit of consuming nicotine on a routine basis for non-smokers as it is highly addictive.

Bottom line

Though smoking is not in any manner good, but using an e-cigarette is better than consuming the tobacco cigarette. It may either help you in quitting smoking or may develop a strong feeling for smoking. I rest the opinion on you…choose wisely!!


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