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Journey of Indian Railways AC-2 also travels like hell

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Train no. 12367 Vikramshila Express Debt of Journey / Debt of Boarding 04 Jan 2019 Kota- General Class Second AC (2A), Passenger Name- Om Prakash Sambe AJ-58 / Mail CNF 1/13 PNR No.6723815050.

Train open. After a while, the boys, authorized by the pantry car, started selling tea-coffee. We put the bed on our berth and comfortably got on the bed. The hitchhiker sitting on my front berth stopped the coffee-maker and ordered a coffee. He put a coffee cup in the coffee cup and put the pouch on my bed. After giving coffee to my hitchhiker, he picked up the pouch from my bed. Coffee powder fell on my bed and dirty the white sheet. We scolded him and said, ‘You made the bed dirty as soon as you put the bed. The train went on and started spreading the dirt. ‘

We complained to the conductor. Upon hearing my complaint, the conductor first took the favor of the vendor and said, Where does the mess spread? Where’s the dirt? My hitchhiker took my side and said that the pouch of the coffee was placed on his bed and dropped the powder of coffee and spread it to the dirt. He listened to this and confessed that it is okay! Will refuse. The car was moving.

Then came the tea and he kept the whole cartoon on our bed. The bed again became dirty In this way, the authorized vendors of the Pantryakarists, spread all the way, spread the dirt. The truth of the cleanliness campaign was coming out in the moving train.

We went to toilet. Western-style tile flush was not working. We complained to the conductor They said okay. But this path was not well enough and the toilet dirt is increasing. This was the case of Western style toilets.

Finally, let us know that when the train reached Bakhtiyarpur, the employees of Bihar government, who worked in the block of the area, entered the AC-2 and sat on the passengers’ berth. It seemed that it was not coach of AC-2 but coach of General Class. Musafir from Patna to Delhi was shocked and upset. Such trains are run Indian Railways. Long live Mother India!


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