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What Travel Trends Will Drive The Tourism Industry in 2019

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With the fast evolving world, everything starts changing over time – fashion trends, culture trends, social trends and even travel trends. Travel is no different than fashion when it comes to figuring out “What’s trending?” Each year travel trends evolve based on various factors that ultimately affect the travel and tourism industry. However, the goal is to boost the growing tourism industry.

What new has been added or removed from the trending travel list of 2019 to keep the tourism industry expanding? In this blog we will pay attention to the travel trends that will drive the tourism industry in 2019.

Are you an avid traveler? If so, this is important information for you too. Give it a read.

Increase in last minute bookings

In the survey carried out for 2018, 39% of the travel agencies reported that last minute bookings had become a regular trend in their business. Be it last minute flight booking or bookings or last minute booking for tours or activities, both will tend to see a steady increase in the year 2019. Major travel and tourism companies stated that most tour reservations are made just before arrival or sometimes even ‘on the spot’.

This trend will make things complicated for the tour operators for planning staffing and resources in advance. Moreover, successful tour and activity will largely depend on the weather. Power-packed marketing, strong local partnerships and instant availability can make the job easier and beneficial for them.

Advance bookings won’t go off the loop

No matter how rapidly last minute bookings will take in to travel trends in 2019, advance bookings will keep the firm place when it comes to multi-day tours. There are travelers who don’t want to spend time planning tour activities at the last moment rather they would prefer making all the bookings beforehand. It is for such travelers that advanced bookings will keep boosting the tourism industry this year and the coming years as well.

Travelers are exploring new travel destinations

As seen in a 2018 survey on tourism, it was found that 22% of the tourism operators saw steady increase in visitors coming from a new destination. Not much to their surprise, most travelers were from China as the Chinese spend comparatively more on travel. The other major destinations included Spain, Latin America and the United States of America. This trend is expected to pass on in the year 2019.

Requests for new (lifetime) experiences

Talking about the future trends of tourism industry, the travel and tourism sector on a global level will experience visitors seeking new travel experiences – an experience that is unique, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

Mostly the group is formed of millennials who love exploring places, indulge in fun and adventure activities and try out different things to create amazing stories to share with their loved ones.

Local experience is the new trend

Travelers tend to choose a travel destination rich in cultural and traditional values as they want to get indulge into their local culture understanding their lifestyle. The visitors seek ways to know all about the locals or natives of the place – the food they eat, the work they do, the place they live. They want to experience everything like a local and this demand and inquisitiveness of a traveler has made tourism companies plan local tours covering all these experiences for the travelers. For example, AirBnB is offering a local experience with a native of a destination to the travelers. Now, that’s what we call an exciting global tourism trend of 2019!

Walking tours will exist for years

One of the leading travel experiences is walking tours in which a traveler explores the culture and history of a destination with help of a spot guide or expert. Being a traveler, you will get the opportunity to interact with the local, make new acquaintances and extract all the information from your trained destination expert.

Educational and ecological tours are getting into demand

Ecological tours is gaining popularity and importance as several tour operators offered such experiences as discovered in the Tourism Survey of 2018. These tours spread educational awareness and share essential information about an area that is otherwise mostly unknown. In an educational tour, the tour experts or guides educate travelers on the ways to protect the environmental resource for future. It is observed that tours sponsoring ecological projects like animal habitat or forest restoration are given priority without a cause.

Adventure travel keeps on tending in 2019

One of the major travel and tourism trends in 2019 is adventure travel. The adrenaline pumping travel experiences will still prevail this year as the new generation is always looking forward to pushing their limits. Adventure destinations are getting pre-booked for certain adventurous activities and the tour operators are making big numbers by giving exciting offers to attract adventure travelers.


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